Linq To SQL : LinqContext per Unit of Work

11 11 2008

To implement a Linq To SQL Oriented solution, there are many ways to construct your application. But only one interested me : the Context per Unit of Work Architecture.

When using Linq To SQL, you need to instanciate a Context which contains your entities tables and allow you to apply query methods. But when your application is construct with many layers, you only can pass Context through methods to keep the same context during your business operations. It is the same problem when a transaction is required(managed by Linq To SQL Context though optimistic transaction).

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View Linq SQL Queries in VS Debug mode

20 10 2008

When you begin to write complex Linq To SQL Queries with many IQueryable associations, it must be difficult to catch all the SQL generated parts by Linq To SQL. That’s why, after searching on the web some information, I have found this little class that can be usefull : DebugWriter.

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