AjaxControlToolkit ScriptManager and webfarms

20 10 2008

Using often AjaxControlToolkit controls on all my web applications (Calendar, popup and others), I have discovered the ScriptManager. Immediatly, I was looking to evaluate what this control can bring me compared to the original from ASP.NET. Only the resources script option which allow to download all resource script in one file was sufficient to convince me. So I have tried it.

All was perfect, but after deploying in production environment with many servers(webfarm) , many errors occurs and some pages would not want to work correctly… I searched during 2-3 days and finally find that AjaxControlToolkit is case sensitive on url. And the root url of my application was changing from lower to upper case url according the server which fulfill the request (it’s a specific case of my entreprise but it can occur elsewhere).

I have found a good resource that explain the issue :