Linq To SQL : How to order with a string typed expression ?

23 09 2008

After using Linq To SQL queries, I was quickly confronted to sort my data with a string expression provided, for example, by a gridview when a user require it. At this moment, I understood that the strongly typed system used with Linq cannot help me for this task… Understanding the fact that allowing a string expression representing an object property is contrary to Linq purpose, I began to search with our best friend “Google” a soluce to resolve quickly my problem. But the best that I can obtain was a “switch case solution” which, according to the string property name, build the linq query sort filter with the associated object property. Immediatly, I guess my switch case code with 8-10 columns… No…

So, I started to write an extended method “OrderBy” allowing to take a string sort expression. Here the result.

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