Execute DotNet Code on the fly

16 04 2009

Sometimes, we need to execute a short part of code to accomplish a unique and simple task, like deleting all files of a folder and his subfolders or testing a network communication… All sort of tasks that you don’t need/want to create a project or a page/form.

So, I have written on my spare time a Visual Studio AddIn(winform application) that can help me to execute this sort of code.

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Linq Synchronizer

7 10 2008

The first time I was using Linq To SQL, I was frustrated by the fact VS2008 did not integrated the more simple fonctionnality called : “Synchronize DBML Shema with Database”. Just removing my classes from DBML Shema and perform a Drag&Drop from Server Explorer to schema was to much for me ^^.

So I wrote a simple VS 2008 plug-in which allow with 2 clics a synchronization between my database and My DBML Schema.

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