Save your time with Attrice Team Foundation Sidekicks

18 08 2010

As you already may know, a great effort has been made in the administration part of Team Foundation Server 2010 regarding the previous versions. Except if you like command lines, a useful tool exists now to manage installation, projects collections, permissions, etc… Quite simple and really necessary.

However, when you begin to think that you are saved of commands and data manipulations in TFS Database, TFS can persist to challenge you with others errors and corrupt states. Be sure that the case is rare, but sometimes…

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Execute DotNet Code on the fly

16 04 2009

Sometimes, we need to execute a short part of code to accomplish a unique and simple task, like deleting all files of a folder and his subfolders or testing a network communication… All sort of tasks that you don’t need/want to create a project or a page/form.

So, I have written on my spare time a Visual Studio AddIn(winform application) that can help me to execute this sort of code.

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Linq Synchronizer

7 10 2008

The first time I was using Linq To SQL, I was frustrated by the fact VS2008 did not integrated the more simple fonctionnality called : “Synchronize DBML Shema with Database”. Just removing my classes from DBML Shema and perform a Drag&Drop from Server Explorer to schema was to much for me ^^.

So I wrote a simple VS 2008 plug-in which allow with 2 clics a synchronization between my database and My DBML Schema.

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