101 Linq Samples

16 02 2010

There is a while that I have this link in my “Linq bookmarks collection” and I think it will be helpfull for beginner and anyone who has forgotten a scrap of Linq syntax or has failed to build a query…


Linq To Entity/Entity Framework with SP1

22 10 2008

When the Linq word begin to spread to the developper’s world, I immediatly inform me about what is it and what can I do with “that”. After trying Linq To Object, Linq To XML, Linq To SQL and Linq To Entity, I was convinced that it was the right path to follow. But for Data management, I was preferring Linq To SQL because Linq To Entity utilisation was boring(Stored Procedure to write).
After SP1, Linq To Entity was not the same. So I studied it more deeper… And some good things falls.

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