Floodlight on Silverlight Architectures !

16 02 2010

I have started to learn and practice Silverlight 2.0/3.0 since many months and I must admit that it was not a simple task. Coming from a long experience in ASP.NET development, it was a change to use client-server solutions and a great pleasure to discover others syntaxes(WPF) and architectures… but when it comes to find an architecture for Silverlight and the only thing that you have is silverlight.net(a great site with good information but, in my personal opinion, lack of synthesis), you can be lost through informations. That’s the point I want to highlight in this topic : provide a quick architecture/pattern guide to everyone who want to start a Silverlight application.

I have not the pretention to know all Silverlight architectures/patterns but it will be helpfull to start with many good keywords and implementation ideas.

We can clearly identify 4 directions :

  • .Net RIA Services
  • M-V-VM (MVC)
  • MEF

Note, in this 4 architectures/patterns, you are not constrained to choose one but can easily combine many of them(PRISM+.NET RIA Services, PRISM + MEF + MVVM, …).

Explain again all of them will be an nth time on the topics, so I prefere to give a short description and recommend existing posts :

After reading these architecture guidances and framework descriptions, you have a better toolbox to construct your Silverlight applications and a better overview of the paths already outlined.

I recommend to read all informations/blogs/samples about all of them. Maybe your solution is not here, but it is necessary to know and understand the existing to make the right choice in your futur applications structures.



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